Summer sarongs and dresses for the beach day out

Thursday, May 02, 2013

A brightly sunny day came up with an urge to hit the beach and flaunt a gorgeous tan: usually happens. Moreover, a wide collection of sarongs and summer dresses is available to take a pick from. Draping a sarong can be a tricky business and there are numerous ways to wear it. In majorly all the countries hosting a particular form of sarong, women and men drape it differently.

First of all, for a beach day out, you want to feel entirely comfortable. That is why you should opt for something in light color and thin fabric. 

The widely accepted fabric is cotton, as it is soft on skin. Lighter colors are mostly recommended but if you want a slimmer look you must choose a darker color for a beach dress. Length of the dress is subjected to your preference. 

There are a lot of variations for beach dresses. There are tunics, maxi dresses, flirty mini dresses, all in delectable summer shades that is soothing to your skin. Running against the summer heat, the best choice in summer dresses are pastels. If you go for pastels, sandals in bolder shades would totally go. You can even choose a turquoise maxi dress if you want a trendy look. You can avoid any kind of accessories since the outfit’s color already gives quite a lot of elegance. These long floral printed dresses go well with a broad belt worn at the waist.

You merely have to pick the one which will let you spend an incredible beach trip.

As for sarongs, they are generally worn like a skirt and wrapped round the waist. They can even be arranged from the upper part of the body and then wrapped into beautiful dresses. Variations in a sarong are endless, even though the garment’s structure is quite simple. 

With numerous options and different patterns for ways to drape a sarong, endless fashion statements can be generated out of the garment. Bertie Sarong is a mess fabric dress born out of draping a sarong in a definite manner. It is a long mesh sarong having a wavy edge. It can be tied around waist or can be slung on the shoulder, also can be worn in bandeaux style. 

Sarongs find widespread use during the summer sand at resorts in the form of a swimsuit accessory. Some people especially women wear it in the months of summer, pinned and draped as a dress. To stay in tune with the latest fashion trends, summer sarongs are often embellished with sequins, beads, lures and fringe.  

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