4 trends for the bridesmaids

Thursday, November 14, 2013

 Every season we have a couple of bridesmaids gowns that are absolutely stunning and would fit mostly everyone extremely well. This time we chose a four perfect examples of gowns featured on DressFirst that will fit perfectly with your wedding theme.

We’ve also covered the fact that we all are on a hunt for cheap bridesmaid dresses so all these fabulous trends are under the $150 budget tag. Yes, you heard that right, all these trends are under the limit we all want. Now let’s get to the interesting part - the trends themselves.

1. Bold colors

The best bridesmaid dresses 2013 are the colored ones - this year has been a bold one so you can choose whatever crazy color you like, We’re totally in love with this yellow gown!

2. Lace 

You can’t go wrong with a lace gown, you can dress it up or dress it down and most of all you can wear it any other occasion - you can even take it to work.

3. One shoulder

One shoulder gowns have been a long time with us but this year we’ve seen their full potential. These great gown are perfect for bridal parties that have different taste, you can satisfy everyone with these cool dresses.

4. Highlow

This chiffon dress is perfect for bridal parties that aren’t sure if they want to go for a short skirt or a long one. This high and low combination is perfect you make everyone happy.

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